The Kiss and Tell party packs will turn holiday dessert time into a new fun family tradition that can get grandparents, parents, kids, cousins and friends talking, sharing and enjoying Hershey’s Kisses around the dinner table for years to come. Harnessing the iconic Kisses flag to conceal party-game style questions and prompts, such as “What’s the best gift Santa has ever brought you?”, “Sing the first verse of Jingle Bells,” and of course “Who was your first Kiss?”, these holiday-themed packs will initiate the kind of personal sharing not often enjoyed at big gatherings. By putting one Kiss at every place setting, the idea is that the group will open them one-by-one and questions and prompts will be directed at either the reader alone, or the group as a whole. The prize for completing your “Tell”? The Kiss, of course. In addition to the holiday themed and family friendly offerings, we envision deeper rollouts that can work any time of the year, riding on the current trend toward pairing parties with tangible — and sometimes rowdy — games like Cards Against Humanity. For example, a “Girls Night In” version can pose more personal and revealing questions, while a “Truth or Dare” edition may the perfect icebreaker for teens. Once the tradition is established, the possibilities for innovations and digital/social media integrations are endless.