Insight: Celebration enthusiasts know that the key to a successful party is in the details. They take pride in those extra touches that make their party more festive, special and meaningful, showing their guests just how much they care. Idea: Hershey’s will be that extra touch by gamifying their Kisses. Each unique Kiss & Tell package will be customized based on occasion whether it’s Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day, Baby Showers, Birthday, Engagement or Bachelorette Parties. How to play: The game is simple. The white ribbon on every Kiss will have part of a humourous phrase on it appropriate for the occasion. Each guest has to help create a whole phrase by contributing a ribbon with the words they think are the most fun. Guests can have as many ribbons as they like – all they have to do is enjoy a Kiss to get a turn. We’ll ask people to upload photos of their most hilarious phrases with the #KissAndTellUs We will also encourage people to contribute on a larger scale to a global conversation and to extend this idea we will create a phrase generator so the game will always be active.